Miss Choi’s Apartment

Hyejin’s friends Ginny and Grace were due to visit today, so she quickly cast an eye around her apartment.   Spic and span as she knew it would be, as it always was.  She had a slight case of OCD so everything had a place, and in that place they had to be.

Hyejin is an actress and is just filming the second season of a popular sci fi series, so she can be away from home for extended periods of time. She likes her house to be clean and tidy for her return, so she pays someone to come in and do whatever is necessary, that way she can relax and know that dust will not be building up.

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Ginny and Grace arrived in good time and they each complimented Hyejin on her house.  They were sharing stories of what goes on behind the scenes for actors, and for models (as Ginny and Grace are both models).

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They each turned at the sound of a door opening, and Ginny and Grace were surprised to see Ty walk in.

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BJD Miss Choi's apartment 048

Ty walked across to the sofa and sat between Grace and Hyejin without anyone speaking a word.  As he moved closer to Hyejin, Grace & Ginny shared a look that said ‘lets get out of here’.

BJD Miss Choi's apartment 049 BJD Miss Choi's apartment 051


Grace and Ginny excused themselves and, as if for the first time, Ty noticed them and told them they didn’t have to leave on his account.  However Hyejin’s silence told them that they should leave, and that is what they did.

BJD Miss Choi's apartment 057 BJD Miss Choi's apartment 059

But they had tons of questions… like are they a couple, if so, how long has this been going on?  Why hadn’t Hyejin told them?  How come Ty had just walked in without so much as calling out?   Hmmm Ginny and Grace couldn’t wait for their next visit with Hyejin.

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