Asher was made by Dollcis and is from Kfar Shmaryahu in Israel where she is a lawyer.

BJD Asher and Jess 024

Asher – Numina

Kfar Shmaryahu is one of the most sought after area’s and one of the most expensive.  The family live in an apartment in a gated community which was a number one priority for her parents, as her father is a diplomat, which carries some degree of danger.  Her mother was also a diplomat, but gave up her career when their children were born.

Asher is the middle child of five, and they are extremely close to each other and to extended family.  Asher loves the times when they meet up for family events or meals, and misses them all when she has to travel.

Whilst working on a high profile case, featured on news programmes around the world, she was approached to do some modelling and finally relented when the remuneration became too much to turn down.   By ‘some modelling’ we are talking of walking in a New York show for one of the most esteemed designers of our time.