*Nadra started life as Stratus but she was renamed to suit our storyline.

Nadra (Numina Stratus) was made by Dollcis (using the Ajuma sculpt).

BJD New Clothes 015

She originates from the Bahamas where her Grandmother raised her and her sister, after her parents split up and went their separate ways leaving the two girls behind.  They lived in a small house in Nassau ‘over the hill’ which was an undesirable part of the island prone to crime.

She won the ‘Supermodel of the Bahamas’title after taking on many modelling jobs enabling her face to be seen.  As soon as Nadra saved enough money she bought a larger home for her Grandmother and sister to live in as long as they wished.

Nowadays Nadra only goes home for holidays and is based mainly in Florida, but models all over the world.  She supports the Crisis Centre in the Bahamas enabling her to give something back to people that really need it.