Having moved from Barbie sized doll to Tonners 16″ ladies, I never expected to move onto any other kind of doll.  In fact I have deliberately avoided looking at other types, especially BJDs, because they have a certain allure to them and I didn’t want to get drawn in…

Being a member of doll board Prego, I have found it more difficult to avoid seeing these other beauties and I crumbled.  Almost out of desperation I placed a post asking about a certain Jamiesshow doll and what the benefits would be of owning her. I got replies and went on to order two Jamieshow ladies, off two different Prego members.  Almost immediately I came across another member who was selling her Mazarine Blue Miss Choi BJD; oh my goodness she is beautiful I just had to have her.

So there you go, three ordered within minutes, and that didn’t include the one I coveted off the Jamieshow website.So, I decided to take another look on the website, however since my last visit new dolls had been added…. I admit I ordered two males, new to 2015, and the one I want to get is still there.  My dilemma now is (apart from having no savings left); do I buy the girl I originally wanted, or go for one of the new 2015 ladies, or not buy any more because I don’t need more….aargh!

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  1. Have you thought about selling some dolls that you are not so into? Doll collectors sometimes get rid off dolls that they thought they liked and they don’t anymore. Just a suggestion. It’s very easy to get hooked on dolls, so I don’t know if you are ready for such a drastic step.


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