New clothes

Well I attempted to make clothing for my phicen ladies New clothes and as basic as they are it spurred me on to do some for my 16″ ladies.

I am not a seamstress, or even a good diy’er when it comes to sewing so I am pleased to have stumbled upon lycra and the ease with which I can now make clothes.

The ladies did a ‘Kojak Co Show’ and the pictures can be found on FLCKR

Kojak Agency shots (17)

Daisy’s Diner

Hyejin was on her way to ‘The Agency’ when she discovered a new diner close by.  It was the opening day so that was a stroke of luck and probably meant there would be tables available.

She sent a text to Ling Lan, Grace and Ginny to meet up for lunch and a chat, as each of them were due at the agency in the afternoon.

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Diner ready for opening 080

Carole & Jenny

Diner the OPENING DAY (143)

Grace, Hyejin, Ling Lan & Ginny

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Ty’s Retro House

Ginny and Grace decided to pop in to see Hye jin while on their morning walk. They didn’t regularly take a morning walk, but it seemed like a good excuse to visit Hye jin unannounced.

Not only was Hye jin up and about, but she was almost ready to go out.  She let her friends in and told them that she had plans for the day so needed to leave soon.

She knew why they were here and loved the mystery and intrigue …

Hye jin

Hye jin

Ginny & Grace sat down ready to ask their questions when there was a knock at the door and they all turned in that direction.

Hye jin, Ginny & Grace

Hye jin, Ginny & Grace

“Its only me” said Ty “thought I had better announce my arrival so that Bill & Ben can’t criticize me”  Hye jin looked like she wanted to be anywhere but here and told her friends it was Ty’s little joke.

Grace and Ginny smiled and said it was fine and they would see her soon.





When they left Ty popped his head around the door and came sheepishly into the room.  Hye jin told him she had been embarrassed in front of her friends, but when Ty apologized and kissed her any embarrassment was forgotten.

Today Ty was taking her back home with him and she couldn’t wait.  She already felt a lot for this man and hoped he felt the same.


Hye jin went into Ty’s house first [he is very well mannered normally] and she just stood stock still and looked around the room. Ty grinned and was pleased by her reaction, it was the way everyone reacted when they first walked in.

BJD Ty's Retro House cont (1)

BJD Ty's Retro 0001

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It really is ‘retro’ and Hye jin would never have guessed that it was Ty’s style, but she absolutely loved it.  It was as opposite to her home and style as could be.  She looked closer, trying to take everything in when she spotted a puppy.

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Ty sat down and the puppy ran across to him so Ty picked him up to give him a fuss.

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Hye jin watched for a minute or two, then told Ty that she was feeling neglected.  Ty wasn’t going to let any woman of his feel left out, so puppy went onto the chair and he joined Hye jin on the sofa.

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Hye jin felt blissfully happy.  What better way to spend a day than with her gorgeous man!

More photographs at: FLCKR