The Bar: Sponsored Head Shave

Teya had organised a sponsored head BJD Bar Sponsored Head Shave (10)shave to raise money for a local charity, to be held at her small bar.

In fairness to Teya a small extension has been added, and a couple of rooms have been knocked through to make one large space (already booked for a fashion preview).


BJD Bar Sponsored Head Shave (1)

BJD Bar Sponsored Head Shave (20a)

She invited Kym to shave the heads; she is a good girl & always up for a laugh.


Teya’s regulars are a good bunch and they all turned up to have their heads shaved, except for Ty who had just had a number 2 all over at the barbers, and didn’t want to lose what was left of his hair (He made a good donation to the cause as Teya knew he might).



Here are the six regulars before they had their new “do’s”.

and here they are afterwards  alongside Kym.BJD Bar Sponsored Head Shave (24)More photographs at:  FLCKR

Lee and Kyle

Lee had just showered, dressed & put on his new white jacket to meet up with Kyle.  He hadn’t made it half way when the heavens opened: rain, hail & thunder when just minutes ago the sun had been shining.

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By the time he reached Kyle the rain had stopped, and Kyle had been sheltered by the trees so he was dry.  They sat together for a little while having a drink, and putting the problems of the world to rights  as only men can.  He was grateful that Kyle had had the foresight to bring some beers because it helped him unwind and put work out of his mind, if only for a little while.

BJD JS Lee & Kyle Drinks 1

He worked as a police officer, well they both did, but Lee worked undercover  and was always closer to danger. They had grown up together having lived on the same estate all of their lives, and they had always aspired to do good and not end up like so many of their other friends; on drugs, or. in prison, or both.





Introducing Agatha

If you have read the profile page for Ylang you will see that she is french, and loves everything french.  She has her main residence  in France but also owns apartments in several capital cities of the world.

BJD Ylang Home 002 BJD Ylang Home 022 BJD Ylang Home 024

She currently has a house guest staying over at one of the apartments, Agatha, who is a makeup artist (or Cosmetologist if you want to be posh).

BJD Ylang Home 048

Agatha - :Modsdoll

Introducing Agatha 120

As a supermodel Ylang is very careful with her diet and exercise regime but she does take the occasional break, and what better excuse than to have a guest staying over.  The ladies have a pasta dish with lots of cheese, washed down with a bottle or two of wine.

BJD Ylang Home 011 BJD Ylang Home 040

Fortunately Ylang loves fruit and always has plenty in stock, so as not to run out.

BJD Ylang Home 062

More photographs at FLCKR