Abbe Lane

Abbe Lane finally left her husband after a row, over nothing in particular, but one that broke the camels back.

She packed some suitcases and arrived by taxi at the home of her good friend Miriam, who sat her down with a cup of tea (what else?) and just listened to her.



Miriam was pleased to see that her friend had packed several cases, and said ‘lets take a look at the clothes you have packed, then we’ll take them up to one of the bedrooms and we can unpack’

Abbe smiled a little through her tears and opened up the top case, and no surprise it held her cosmetics


Miriam knelt down on the floor next to the suitcases and opened up the second: Hair styling products, the third suitcase:  shoes and the fourth suitcase:  shoes

Where are your clothes Miriam wanted to know, and Abbe replied that she couldn’t carry more, but as long as you have make up on, hair styled and a good pair of heels it didn’t matter what you were wearing in between


That gave them both a good laugh and just then Miriam’s friend Bonita arrived for their pre-arranged lunch date.

bjd-superdoll-abbe-lane-leaves-12Miriam sent Abbe upstairs to change into something more comfortable from her own wardrobe.

What could be better than being with friends, and shopping … bliss and respite for a short time.

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