The Bar

Teya likes to mix up her look and her style and is the same with her men 🙂

She owns ‘The Bar’ (so named because she couldn’t decide on a name).   She is looking to extend it to create a large room to hold functions, but is battling with the planning committee and their protocols as to what is acceptable.

She isn’t planning on opening to the public until the works are complete, but she is going to invite a few of her friends for drinks, for as long as the battle takes, her way of sticking her tongue out at authority.  First to get an invite is best friend Cameron, who just happens to be a fashion designer, and she wants his opinion on the bar.

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She has had new lighting installed and likes the effects for evening customers

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Her closest girl friends were next to get an invite and they all liked the place, and the position as it was near to the agency for models, actors etc owned by her friend Lacvert,who is tiny compared to the other ladies

3.  pre opening (12)

Cameron even did a photo-shoot with the same group of friends wearing some of his latest creations

4.  The Fashions (28)

Teya has employed a student to help part time, initially with cleaning and odd jobs but once opened to serve at the bar. Tzsche is in her final year of doing a course on fashion design.

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Teya is so impressed with Tzsche’s work ethic that she decides to do some matchmaking, but not of the romantic kind.  She approaches Cameron to persuade him that he really needs an assistant, someone that can pick up for him when he needs to go to meetings, or that can attend meetings for him.  Meanwhile Teya is also working on Tzsche, convincing her that a position with Cameron, no matter how junior, would be a stepping stone for her.  Cameron and Tzsche have a chat and Teya listens in to offer impartial advice where it might be needed.

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However, Lacvert has also seen the potential in Tzsche and she is trying to persuade her to sign up to her agency ‘O.S.S’ (One Stop Shop for professionals) to see what she would be like in front of a camera. Cameron agrees with Lacvert and he fetches his camera from the car, while one of the girls lends Tzsche an outfit and a wig.

4.  The Fashions (19)8.  The interview (1)

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It is agreed that  Tzsche will continue working part time for Teya, and Lacvert will let her know of any potential modeling assignments that she can try out for.  In six months, when she only has six months left of her course, Cameron will have another chat with her to see if there is an opening to offer her, if indeed it is still what she wants.  He knows he is taking a massive risk because modeling could really take off for her, and more than anything he wants her as his number two.

8.  The interview (15)

Later some men pop into the bar, so Teya says that they can stay for one drink on condition that she can get some promotional photographs in exchange with some of the beautiful ladies.

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10.  Ladies &  Gents (11)10.  Ladies &  Gents (37)

Lots more photographs at FLCKR



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