Leaked photo’s on ‘Natter’

Photo’s leaked to social website ‘Natter’ appeared to show Ty and Asura in compromising positions.

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Neither Ty nor Asura were available for comment, but a friend of Hye Jin (Ty’s partner) said that she was inconsolable at the apparent public betrayal.

Asura had been photographed in the days before looking relaxed and at ease.

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Asura left the rental cottage and moved to a local hotel just hours before Ty and Hye Jin arrived at the cottage

BJD Asura & Ty 056

It is said that Ty and Hye Jin were in talks to see if their relationship could continue

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Close friend Ginny arrived to provide support for her friend at this difficult time

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It was only at this critical stage that Ty asked Hye Jin to speak to Asura because he could neither confirm or deny the reports

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The whole ‘Natter’ saga had been a misunderstanding. Ty and Asura had been shooting a TV commercial and had both signed confidentiality agreements not to disclose any details. It was only when their respective agents had been given permission by their high end customer that a statement was released.

In a twist to the story, Asura invited Hye Jin to spend a few days with her at her loft apartment to assess her relationship with Ty.

Hye Jin has not responded to any requests for an interview.


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