Ginny’s Apartment

Ginny’s Apartment:

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Ginny had invited Ling Lan to come across for a visit, as she wanted to get to know her better.  She came across as being aloof but for all Ginny knew she might just be shy.

Ling Lan arrived spot on time and they chatted for a little while and read some of the latest magazines.Ginnys Apartment 017 Ginnys Apartment 037

Ginny knew a sure fire way to help Ling Lan to loosen up….alcohol.  She took some persuading but Ginny could be very persuasive when she needed to be.

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After just two glasses Ling Lan was suitably loosened up, to the point of dancing, so Ginny assisted by putting a CD on. Ling Lan swayed to the music and Ginny joined her, pleased to see that she was having a good time.

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After a little while they collapsed on the sofa laughing at themselves.  Just then Grace walked in and Ginny’s amusement meter went from ten to zero – oh no she had forgotten.

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Grace had arranged for them to play tennis today.  Ginny tried to behave in a mature manner but Grace could tell that she had already had a couple of drinks, and it wasn’t just the half empty glasses that gave the game away.

Ginny shot up off the sofa saying that she could be ready in minutes, and when she left the room to get changed Grace started to tidy up.

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When Ginny had changed and come back into the room she asked Grace if she would mind if Ling Lan joined them.  Ling Lan shook her head saying that she couldn’t possibly; she didn’t even have tennis clothing but Grace told her that she and Ginny had more than one outfit so that wasn’t an issue.

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There.  Sorted.  Ling Lan could play with them and they would make it work.  Ling Lan was very grateful and hoped she would look as good in her borrowed clothes as Ginny and Grace looked.

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More photographs at:  FLCKR

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